A stylish classic bike in Kota, Jakarta.
Location: Subang, Java – Merak, Java, Indonesia Distance: 314km The ride into Jakarta was memorable for all the wrong reasons. I had already planned it as a longish day but a wrong turn and 35km of cycling out of my way to the foulest smelling town I’d ever encountered. The main street a […]

Escaping Java

Endless roadsiade pinapple stalls near Ciater, Java. 1
Location: Cipatujah, Java – Subang, Java, Indonesia Distance: 137km The road continued along the coast,  the ocean crashing on the beach somewhere behind the scrub and with little traffic to speak of it was a nice way to start the day. But the pleasantness was soon to end. Up ahead a great hulk […]

Hot Spring In The Rain

Some 70-90kg of sulphur awaiting to be carried up and out of Kaw 3
Location: Gilimanuk, Bali – Cipatujah, Java, Indonesia Distance: 814km It was a wet morning to be leaving Bali. The rain never much more than a drizzle but that was enough to make a mess of the road for the short ride to the ferry terminal, carefully steering clear of the constant stream […]

Java, Mighty volcanoes and grand temples.

Rolling rice paddies near Jatiluwih. 5
Location: Kuta – Gilimanuk, Bali, Indonesia Distance: 255km I’m back! Writing that is. I haven’t been idle in my near 3 months or so of silence. I’ve cycled nearly 4000km since leaving Australia but with a dead laptop and a lack of enthusiasm for hanging out in internet cafes the updates could […]

Bali, Island Of Gods

Starry skies, campfire and far from the highway (quiet). Top cam 4
Location: Lawn Hill, Queensland – Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia Distance: 1318km Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) had been a good home for a few days but doesn’t take me long to miss the open road. Adam made me another of his delicious coffees (going to miss those) while I loaded up the […]

The Territory

Fishing at sunset in Karumba. 5
Location: Undara – Lawn Hill, Queensland, Australia Distance: 1021km Back on the road again it was good to know it would be downhill almost all the way to Normanton; the road losing some 700m in elevation over the next 400km. Despite this, I only managed to make it to the […]

To The Gulf and Gorge

Stephenson Tube in flood, Undara 4
Location: Cairns – Undara, Queensland, Australia Distance: 395km Swimming in crisp, chest deep water, I could see nothing ahead of me but black. My hands were invisible even when but a whisker from my face but I swam on, as far as I dared. Above me tiny bats zipped past […]

Stuck In A Lava Tube

Where the rainforest meets the sea
Location: Gordonvale – Cooktown – Cairns, Queensland, Australia Distance: 688km Rolling away from Dan’s I took one last, short detour off the highway along quiet back roads lined by constantly swaying sugar can all in an effort to avoid the hazards of the Bruce Highway running into Cairns. Unfortunately back […]

The Uphill Push

Wallaman Falls roaring after heavy rains
Location: Bowen – Gordonvale, Queensland, Australia Distance: 832km The ride north out of Bowen was hot in the afternoon sun but more flat countryside meant I made good time and I was 80km up the road at Guthalungra – nothing more than a service station and rest area – as […]

The Great Green Way

Sunset at Grays Bay, Bowen. 3
Location: Bangalee – Bowen, Queensland, Australia Distance: 643km The road out from Yeppoon was same as on the way in. Hot and with too much traffic but I was able to turn north soon enough onto quieter roads and the noise was soon behind me. I hadn’t actually left Yeppoon until […]

Sunrises, sunsets and sandy beaches.