Location: Subang, Java – Merak, Java, Indonesia Distance: 314km The ride into Jakarta was memorable for all the wrong reasons. I had already planned it as a longish day but a wrong turn and 35km of cycling out of my way to the foulest smelling town I’d ever encountered. The main street a […]

Escaping Java

Location: Cipatujah, Java – Subang, Java, Indonesia Distance: 137km The road continued along the coast,  the ocean crashing on the beach somewhere behind the scrub and with little traffic to speak of it was a nice way to start the day. But the pleasantness was soon to end. Up ahead a great hulk […]

Hot Spring In The Rain

Location: Gilimanuk, Bali – Cipatujah, Java, Indonesia Distance: 814km It was a wet morning to be leaving Bali. The rain never much more than a drizzle but that was enough to make a mess of the road for the short ride to the ferry terminal, carefully steering clear of the constant stream […]

Java, Mighty volcanoes and grand temples.

Location: Kuta – Gilimanuk, Bali, Indonesia Distance: 255km I’m back! Writing that is. I haven’t been idle in my near 3 months or so of silence. I’ve cycled nearly 4000km since leaving Australia but with a dead laptop and a lack of enthusiasm for hanging out in internet cafes the updates could […]

Bali, Island Of Gods

Location: Lawn Hill, Queensland – Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia Distance: 1318km Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) had been a good home for a few days but doesn’t take me long to miss the open road. Adam made me another of his delicious coffees (going to miss those) while I loaded up the […]

The Territory

Location: Undara – Lawn Hill, Queensland, Australia Distance: 1021km Back on the road again it was good to know it would be downhill almost all the way to Normanton; the road losing some 700m in elevation over the next 400km. Despite this, I only managed to make it to the […]

To The Gulf and Gorge