I hail from the Gold Coast, Australia, where the weather is beautiful one day, perfect the next and endless white beaches are dotted with sunbathing tourists. Don’t get too jealous, its quite boring actually. Honestly, I miss London weather. Sad I know but I think I must have been born on the wrong side of the world.

I love to travel, a trait instilled in me by my parents who recalled their own past journeys to me during my childhood. I’m not sure where or when I took an interest in photography but it is somehow linked to desire to travel; to be able to record and share what I see around me. So far I have managed to find myself in far flung places such as China, Japan, New Zealand and while living in London for near on 2 years explored much of western and northern Europe. The more remote, rugged and – apparently – inaccessible the more I find myself drawn to a particular town/city/mountain/island.

I recently started a somewhat open ended cycle tour which should see me travel a meandering route from the Gold Coast to London over the next few years. There will be people, cultures and landscapes of all sorts for me to experience and I hope to share a little of them here.

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